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EllMii Boutique was inspired by a mom of two little girls named Mia and Ella. She believed that just like our little ones look up to super heroes and princess they also look up to their moms and dads. They want to be like us, act like us and also dress like us.

We wanted to create a bond in families to be able to match their little one from all walk throughs of life. Creating great quality clothing at an affordable price for all.

As a mom who loves bargains and good quality clothing, we at EllMii wanted to create outfits for any type of occasion without breaking the bank. From stylish swimsuits to casual T-Shirts we have outfits for any day, guaranteed to put a smile on your child's face.

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We work directly with manufacturers to bring you high-quality merchandise at amazing discounts. Our goal is to make products affordable for any budget, there is no middleman to jack-up prices.

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