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“How Our Children Look Up to Us”

By: Erin McInerney 
(San Diego based Mommy Blogger and Wellness Consultant)

It is so fascinating how life becomes after you have your children. Once you get a glimpse of the world through their eyes, your whole perspective changes. As parents, we are our children’s first role models. They look up to us and want to emulate everything we do. I often catch my son copying what I say or do. It’s a blast to be able to include them in things and grow your connection. My son loves to watch his daddy in the kitchen and often comes in and mimics what he does. He will grab the spoons, open the drawers...and it makes him so proud too! The expression on his face is so priceless when we praise him for doing good job

Spending quality time with your kids and growing your bond is what life is all about. How our children look up to us sets the tone for the relationships they cultivate down the line. It teaches them what kind of person to be. So as parents, we must be mindful of the little sponges all around us soaking in our every behavior.

So, what are some fun mommy and me things you can do with your kids so they can feel even more connected to you? A little twinning action of course! Kids love to mimic and match you, play dress up with them and take tons of photos! Show off your matching sets, dance in front of the mirror with them, wear them out - you know grandma and grandpa love pics like that too! You will adore them and it’s such a sweet way to make everyone feel special - which we all want to do for our kids!

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How kids look up to us




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